8 Benefits of a Virtual Classroom | Online Learning

Feb 9, 2023 | Training

There’s more to learning online than getting certified in your pyjamas!

With millions of professionals around the world working remotely for the foreseeable future, online training will no doubt reach even higher levels of popularity.

Technology has changed the possibilities within teaching and learning. Classes, which prior to the digital era were restricted to lectures, talks, and physical objects, no longer have to be designed in that manner. Digital education is the term used to refer to all online educational practices. Over the years, Pink Elephant has remained the leader in Managed IT Services at the leading edge of IT service management and has steadily led the way by transitioning many of our public IT Service Management certification courses to digital education courses including both virtual instructor-led class and self-paced online training.

With social distancing and businesses moving their workforces to remote environments, plans for professional development have undoubtedly been interrupted. But they don’t have to be. Right at this very moment, professionals can continue to develop their skills online – from the comfort, and safety, of their own home.

The thing today is not whether eLearning benefits your business; the real issue is whether you can afford not to join in the trend. There’s a lot to dissect when it comes to pursuing an online education. If you’re looking for evidence that proves this educational approach’s worth, these online education benefits will help you decide if this journey is the right one for you.

# 1 All you need is your laptop and an internet connection

The virtual classroom is a convenient, central place where your courses unfold. Although there are many fundamental similarities between traditional classroom-based education and learning through a virtual classroom, there are many benefits that traditional courses don’t provide.

With self-paced online courses, you have the freedom to access your coursework 24/7, giving you the opportunity to study anywhere and at any time that suits you.

With instructor-led virtual classes, you can attend a live course on a specified date and during working hours with an experienced, accredited trainer taking you through the work allowing you to ask questions as you go as well as be part of a team virtually depending on the course.

# 2 The virtual classroom for companies offers more resources and fewer limitations

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, today we can take virtual classes from our mobile devices whenever or wherever we want. The virtual classroom eliminates the barriers to training efficiently and in real time, with all the resources for learning.

Whether via SPO or virtual instructor-led, Pink has numerous virtual training courses scheduled – and can even arrange specific virtual classes for your workforce, upon request.

# 3 The virtual classroom allows real communication between tutors and students

Teams in large companies increasingly prefer online training because it allows them to learn based on their availability, avoids losing time travelling to a venue and saves on costs associated with training. Online training offering individual learning at the pace of each student is comfortable with.

Employees receive real-time training with an image on the screen of their computers, interacting, asking, debating, etc; whilst connected with other employees who are doing the training and they share their learning, experiences and collaborate with each other in a social way.

# 4 The virtual classroom facilitates the customisation of online training

The online courses are a perfect solution for companies, as they offer a wide range of possibilities adapted to the needs of their teams. The online courses together with the virtual classroom for companies facilitate the complete customisation of the training. Employees receive online classes through the virtual classroom in a personalized way while the teacher or tutor can share live applications, documents, videos, etc. with all the functionalities integrated in the learning platforms.

#5 Flexible scheduling

The virtual classes can be arranged when it’s most convenient to your organization – and the self-paced online training can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Aligns with today’s reality of working remotely and allows everyone to connect online at the same time through virtual classes (public or delivered specifically to your organisation)

#6 High pass rates

Our first Agile Project Management class received a 100% pass rate! All our exams can either be done online with a proctor or can be scheduled to be taken at our offices after lockdown.

#7 Cost effective

There are no travel, accommodation, or food and beverage costs. Self-paced online (SPO) learning and instructor-led virtual courses can be taken online from anywhere – all you need is access to the Internet.

#8 Utilise downtime

As organisations and their people work toward a successful transition to remote working environments, the volume of work has been impacted. Any downtime caused by these changes can be used to upskill or retrain IT practitioners. This can help avoid and/or minimise a downturn in productivity. IT courses also allows ambitious and driven individuals – who are striving for professional excellence – to stay at the top of their game.

Don’t let social distancing hinder your professional development, digital courses can be taken online from anywhere – all you need is access to the Internet!