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Imagine what you could achieve if your CMDB was service aware, always up to date and required no effort to keep up. That’s the power of FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping.

Organisations that attempt to track IT service configuration through manual efforts cannot keep up with the rapid pace of change and complexity in the modern data centre. This outdated or inaccurate configuration knowledge puts organisations at risk of repeated – and expensive – service outages caused by configuration errors and significant opportunities for increased efficiency are lost.

FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) gives organisations a clear and timely view of IT Service configuration, automatically identifying the IT services that users are consuming, their infrastructure dependencies from applications down to the network, and continually refining this picture as infrastructure changes take place.

  • Boost your confidence in configuration data by automating the mapping of your critical IT service and their dependencies, including application, physical and virtual elements.
  • Decrease your work load, with automation, real time discovery that eliminates the need to spend countless hours collecting configuration information and updating spreadsheets
  • Learn more about your environment, with topology, network and API (VMware, AWS, etc.) discovery that adds deep configuration details.
  • Stay up to date, with no need to wait for scheduled scans to detect change and comparison views of authorised configuration versus actual.
  • Get all of IT on the same page, with integration with Cherwell Service Management CMDB that enables automatic population of service dependencies and asset configuration details.
  • Reclaim under-utilised resources that no longer contribute to operational services.
  • Simplify your life, with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery that offers value on day one, with no need to maintain a massive, dedicated infrastructure.



  • Organisations like yours are struggling with inaccurate or out-dated information. With the accurate maps we can provide, you’re armed to make better decisions and achieve better outcomes.
  • If unplanned outages can be reduced by 20% or more, the solution pays for itself and frees up IT to focus on business-driving projects.
  • FireScope DDM’s Cloud-based delivery has a minimal footprint within your datacenter, and ongoing effort is so low that our customers don’t have to dedicate a Full Time Employee to the solution.
  • The integration with Cherwell CMDB takes the effort and doubt out of making sure that everyone in IT has clear visibility into service dependencies.


FireScope Stratis – Enterprise IT service monitoring has never been easier.


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