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  • Why would you want to drive a car without a steering wheel?


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Why would you want to drive a car without a steering wheel?

“ITIL® is the industry best practice for IT Service Management. A business without ITIL in today’s time is like a car without a steering wheel. Adopting a combination of other industry best practices alongside ITIL can see your business navigate itself with ease through the curves, bumps and pit stops along the way.” These are the wise words from Naeem Moolla who works at a reputable IT company as a Service Manager to one of South Africa’s leading banks.


Naeem wasn’t always a Service Manager. He started his career in the IT industry working in the Service Desk and Network Engineering space. When he was promoted to the role of Service Operations Manager, he realised he needed to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to service his clients and company better.  “It was only meant to be ITIL Foundation, but I was hooked instantly and knew I had to pursue the Expert path,” says Naeem.


It took him a mere 6 months to become an ITIL expert and in doing so saw him promoted to his current Service Management role. “ITIL has indeed helped my career. I have been able to impart my knowledge on peers and colleagues. I now have a higher level of IT Service Management understanding and am able to apply this knowledge in many aspects of my role.” Naeem has implemented the processes learnt through ITIL into his organisation with particular focus on the



Change Management process. It took him 5 months to compile a procedure that aligned his client’s internal change process to the already established change control procedures within his organisation. The results were an immense success! “Those clients that have adopted the change process are seeing a reduction in incidents and a better understanding of their environment.” Explains Naeem.  “Through change evaluation, client’s better understand the risks of their changes and avoid making ‘on the fly’ changes.”


Naeem highly recommends taking that first step in completing the ITIL Foundation course and choosing Pink Elephant as your facilitator. “Even if you don’t pursue the Expert path, you will walk away from Foundations with a feeling of fulfillment and enlightenment. Pink Elephant is a wonderful organisation. I am truly proud to say that I did my ITIL Expert Certification with the best in the industry.”


Naeem Moolla

Service Manager

A Reputable IT Company

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