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  • If you can draw it on a whiteboard you can automate it in Cherwell


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If you can draw it on a whiteboard you can automate it in Cherwell

The Cherwell Service Management platform, offered by Pink Elephant, enables rapid time to value and infinite flexibility – at a fraction of the cost and complexity of legacy solutions. Because of Cherwell’s focus on delivering solutions that are easy to configure, customise, and use, IT organisations extend the Cherwell platform to automate a wide range of IT and business processes. Pink Elephant chose Cherwell as its preferred software due to its flexible, straightforward licensing and pricing model. It is not only an IT service management tool but a business enabler tool, and over 70% of Cherwell customers use its management service outside of IT. What sets Cherwell apart Cherwell comes with ITIL processes Out of the Box making it easy for any organisation to implement industry best practice and demonstrate business value quickly and effectively. Pink Elephant, as the global leader in IT Service management, is positioned perfectly with their team of ITIL Experts, consultants and Cherwell Developers to transform organisations through ITIL implementations Some of these enterprise service management options include:
  • Facilities Management (Work order management, facility access requests)
  • Human Resource Management (on-boarding new employees, performance management etc)
  • IT Service Desk
What Pink Elephant can offer your business Pink Elephant has successfully implemented Cherwell Service Management at hotels and casinos, Financial institutions, Telecommunications industry, Service Desks and IT/Technology organisations. Cherwell’s dashboards and reporting transforms information and data into insight – sometimes not even at the click of a button as all reports can be automated. Pink Elephant’s developers take your whiteboard process, design the complex systems in the background and you can focus on your organisation’s core business, which gives you flexibility and choice. You don’t need to build enhancements, integrations and extensions from scratch. Instead you can take advantage of the mergeable application technology (mApps) to add capabilities to your organisation in minutes rather than months, giving you much quicker ROI. Cherwell offers a simple licensing model – the choice between perpetual or subscription licensing is yours. And so is the choice to implement Cherwell on site or in a SaaS environment. The other benefits of implementing Cherwell Enterprise service management include:
  • Dramatic Cost Savings
  • Codeless Platform
  • Faster time to Value
  • Flexible licencing
  • Improved visibility
  • Increased productivity
  • Boost user satisfaction
Find out more about Cherwell Interested in a demo? Contact Leith on 011 656 0020 or email l.collyer@pinkelephant.co.za 

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