Cherwell Service Management (CSM) 10.0 is here!

Feb 9, 2023 | Automation


Cherwell Service Management 10.0 will dramatically improve IT efficiency, employee productivity and really moves us forward from an innovation perspective.


CSM 10.0 introduces expanded channels, new models of collaboration, ground-breaking machine learning and more.

  • Smart Collaboration and Self-Service – Instantly bring the right people and resources together.
  • Omni Channel Access – Choose the experience that works best for you this time—and every time.
  • Intelligence Built In – Tell the Cherwell virtual agent what you need to do and you’re already working on it.
  • Service Management for the Enterprise – Accelerate, automate, and integrate workflows across your organisation.


Customers have been facing the same challenges for many years within the realm of IT Service Management. These challenges include and are not limited to;

  • Poor Employee Experience

Most organisations will put an ITSM product in place and implement it from an IT perspective. This approach, however, doesn’t always provide a good experience. With the 10.0 release, a whole new set of channels have been introduced to improve the employee and user experience in an effort to offer an omni-channel experience.

  • Hot Potato Approach

Let’s say a ticket comes in, gets recategorized, gets reassigned multiple times and, at the end of the day, creates delays and a loss in productivity. We call this the ‘Hot Potato approach’. There is a need to move away from this approach to a more ‘Real-Time Collaboration approach‘.

  • Manual Processes

Although there is a lot of automation and intelligence in the various ITSM platforms, the need still remains to improve from an AI perspective in terms of the intelligence of the platform, in order to provide more automation and more self-service functionality.

  • Dated UX

An ITSM product with a dated user experience really affects IT personnel efficiency and their ability to resolve issues quickly. There was a good improvement in the experience with the implementation of CSM 9.6, however CSM 10.0, offers an even greater streamlined user experience.



Cherwell Slack App:

A new channel which allows employees within Slack to raise and resolve their own incidents. Enables employees to interact and collaborate with the right IT support people to provide the quickest resolution.

Slack Chat Integration:

Within the Cherwell interface, the Slack Chat gives the agent the ability to immediately reach out to another agent or employee to create a channel in real time, thus providing a significant improvement in collaboration and real time resolution. It also really streamlines the user experience for IT

Cherwell Virtual Agent Support:

The Cherwell Virtual Agent (CVA) provides natural language processing and machine learning capabilities which taps into the knowledge base and automated actions service catalogue. The CVA can provide knowledge support and implement the automated next step defined within your environment.

Walk-up Support:

Another channel for users and employees which provides a huge opportunity for IT to create a community for users to interact. The channel encourages face-to-face collaboration and improves the time-to-resolution and over-all experience.

Skills Management:

Allows the agent to find the right resource quickly as well as understand what they are working on. This allows them to either reassign to the correct person or invite that person to a Slack channel associated with the incident to provide real-time resolution.


The mobile experience has been improved from a user experience. Creating an adaptive and responsive experience for users, allowing them to use any device at a given time. Giving employees access to the resources that they need, wherever they are, no matter what device they are using.

Related Item Navigation:

Capability that allows IT agents to understand the context of the ticket and have access to the required information. Allows users to collaborate in real time for instant support and faster resolution.

Sentiment Analysis:

Any text field on a form can be used and connected to the sentiment analysis machine learning.

Download the Cherwell® Service Management (CSM) 10.0 datasheet: