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Praxis Foundation

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3 days
Closed Course


The Praxis Framework is a combination of four types of best practice guidance. It includes Knowledge, Method, Competency and Capability.

Praxis is the first framework to integrate projects, programmes and portfolios in a single guide. By covering the full breadth of guidance needed for effective project management within a single framework – Praxis is the most efficient means of delivering projects and programmes


Praxis Foundation Certificate


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The qualification is based on a 60 minute closed-book examination of 75 multiple choice questions. The pass mark for this examination is 38/75 (50%). The qualification is a mandatory pre-requisite for the Praxis Practitioner qualification.


What are the key things you will learn?
• Characteristics and context of a project and a programme and the benefits of effective project and programme management.
• Purpose of the Praxis Framework, the project and programme roles, documents and functions, and their use in the Praxis process models.
• Goals and activities within the Praxis Frameworks process models and how they interface.
• Importance and goals of interpersonal skills in the project and programme environment, and their recognised models.

The Course

Target Group

The training is designed to provide insight into the basic processes of, understanding, and is therefore especially suitable for:

  • Practising project or programme managers
  • Individuals interested in a career in project or programme management and Individuals pursuing the Praxis Framework Practitioner certificate.


3 days