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Service Automation Framework Foundation

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3 days
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This course is intended for everyone who has ever experienced that the level of Service in his organisation can be increased and is looking for guidance to achieve this goal. Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, consultant or work in the field of academia, the Service Automation Framework will help you to consistently exceed user expectations.


Service Automation Foundation


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This course prepares participants for the Service Automation Foundation Examination from APMG International.
The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions for which a minimum of 26 questions (65%) should be answered correctly in order to achieve the certificate. Delegates have 40 minutes to complete the examination, which will be taken on the last day of class.


Service Automation is the concept of achieving customer loyalty by the use of automated technologies and builds upon a large demographic and sociological trend. We have become accustomed to arranging our lives online and expect services that can match those expectations: we are the Self Service Generation.

This course will give you deep insight into the concept of Service Automation, the concept by which you can automate your service offering. If you adequately apply Service Automation in your organisation, you will see both employee and customer satisfaction rise and significantly increase the number of people who will ‘like’ your company.

The Course

Target Group

The training Service Automation is designed to provide insight into the basic processes of, understanding, and is therefore especially suitable for:

  • Service strategists
  • Process consultants
  • Business consultants
  • Strategy consultants
  • Service delivery managers
  • Service designers
  • Enterprise architects
  • Operations managers
  • Service managers
  • Developers
  • Business analysts.

Knowledge Objective

  • Understand the business drivers of technology-enabled automated services in order to explain the business case for Service Automation.
  • Discuss how Service Automation Framework enables the practice of an industry that enables their autonomous users to procure, manage and adjust services through self-service technology.
  • Explain the difference and synergy between the Users, Service Design and Technology design elements that contribute to meet and exceed the expectations of user in order to create long-lasting value.
  • Explain the difference between Automated Deployment, Service Delivery Automation and Serendipity Management and describe their underlying processes.
  • Outline the steps for completing a Service Automation Blueprint in order to visualise services in order to design and delivery automated services.


There are no mandatory pre-requisites for this course.


3 days