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Success Under Pressure

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1 day
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This workshop is presented by the celebrity duo of Gary Bailey and Michelle McLean Bailey who share their combined experience as superstar sportsman (Manchester United Soccer Goalie) and world famous pageant queen (Miss Universe 1992). Gary completed a Bachelor of Science in Physics while he was playing in Manchester, and subsequent to his on field retirement, he studied for an MBA from Henley in Oxford. Since winning the Miss Universe title, Michelle has enjoyed a varied career as a director of a property group, TV personality and co-owner of a jewelry company. She is also a professional life coach.

Michelle and Gary use their successful lives lived under huge pressure to provide participants with a humorous and valuable insight into managing and thriving under pressure.


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Everyone is under more pressure than ever before – tighter budgets, tougher clients and constant change! All of this creates greater and more consistent pressure which in turn results in decreased performance and greater unhappiness.

Pink Elephant has teamed up with Gary Bailey, former Manchester United and England Goalkeeper, and Michelle McLean Bailey, former Miss Universe 1992, who have successfully managed extremely stressful careers to present this valuable and practical workshop.

The Course

Success Under Pressure is a one day workshop that provides participants with skills to not only handle pressure, but thrive under pressure, both on an individual and team basis. Learn to manage stress in a healthy and effective manner to increase both individual and team performance.

The first part of the day focuses on the individual and how to use the 5 G.R.E.A.T. principles – Gratitude, Reframing, Energy, Advancement & Team Words – to reduce the damaging effects of excessive pressure. Gary and Michelle provide real-life stories and examples of stress reducing techniques and how best to use them as well as lead discussions and practice sessions.

The second half of the day examines how teams cope with pressure, how that affects each member of the team and what each individual can do to make the team more successful. Gary and Michelle take the group through the L.E.A.D.S. principles – Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Adapting, Destiny and Support – with personal examples of how these issues play out in team situations. The participants are once again engaged in discussions and practical exercises to ensure the principles are fully understood.

Target Group

The training Success Under Pressure is designed to provide insight into the basic processes of, understanding, and is therefore especially suitable for:

  • All employees at any level of the organization and within any department would benefit from learning how to deal with pressure.

Knowledge Objective

  • In the first part of the workshop, the focus is on managing personal pressure and stress and you will learn how to:
  • Use Gratitude as a powerful tool to manage stress
  • Use Reframing, a technique to help you see things in a different light, which will either support you in feeling more positive, taking action, or rising to the challenges you face
  • Understand the benefits of exercise and the right food, to maintain optimum Energy for a productive and successful life
  • Use Advancement, which is self-development in soft skills, like communication, listening and empathy to improve your relationships
  • Understand the power of Team Words by consciously using your words to improve your quality of life. We become what we think, feel and say!
  • The second part of the workshop focuses on team and leadership challenges and pressures and you will learn to:
  • Create effective Leadership based on the valuable qualities of being humble yet having professional will
  • Use Emotional Intelligence in a practical way to manage yourself and others
  • Embrace change through Adaptability skills, such as accepting that change is constant, and being learning to be resilient
  • Inspire an entire team, to realize a common Destiny, and to ensure everyone on the team is excited about the future
  • Create Support, and show how to get everyone in the team to increase the help they give to each other


There are no prerequisites for this workshop.


1 day