Customer dashboards: Examples of Customer Service Dashboards and Steps to Create One

Feb 8, 2023 | Automation, Fresh Service, Freshworks, Service Desk

One of the primary responsibilities of a customer support manager is to monitor your team’s performance and help them deliver outstanding customer service efficiently. A customer service dashboard is the perfect tool for you to track your support team’s efficiency and also know how happy your customers are with the support you offer.

You can add critical performance metrics to your support dashboard and make important decisions on balancing agent workload, prioritizing customer issues, and tracking issue resolutions.

This post will give you a quick overview of the different types of customer dashboards, dive into what’s included in customer service dashboards specifically, and how to create one.



A customer dashboard is a visual representation of any data that impacts customer experience, loyalty, or customer retention. You can plug different data sources into a customer dashboard and view key insights on critical metrics, KPIs, and trends in easily digestible formats like charts or graphs.

The information gathered from a customer dashboard will help you,

  • Identify patterns and trends in issues faced by customers
  • Understand changing customer expectations
  • Optimize internal processes and workflows
  • Reallocate resources to handle customer queries better
  • Extract daily, weekly, or monthly reports in a single click


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Customer service and customer success teams use different customer dashboards to make sense of metrics that matter to them. Here are a few customer dashboard examples used commonly by growing businesses.




Any dashboard that displays customer service metrics and KPIs related to customer support team performance, support tickets, or the quality of customer service is known as a customer service dashboard. Some examples of customer service dashboards include—


– Help desk and ticketing dashboard


A ticketing dashboard gives you information about the number of tickets created, resolved, unresolved, or even reopened during a specific time period.


Advanced help desk ticketing dashboards also give you insights on the tickets split by issue or channel type that’ll help you identify common customer queries or the support channel used prevalently by customers.
Advanced help desk ticketing dashboards also give you insights on the tickets split by issue or channel type that’ll help you identify common customer queries or the support channel used prevalently by customers.

– Customer service team performance dashboard


The support team performance or KPI dashboard has insights on agent performance, either individually or as a team, measured and monitored against service level agreement (SLA)-based support metrics, including first call resolution, average first response time, or resolution time SLAs.


– Call center dashboard


A real-time call center dashboard gives you visibility into call metrics such as average handle time, hold time, or average talk time that will help you manage and improve your call center performance.


– Help center analytics dashboard


A help center or knowledge base is commonly deployed by customer support teams to encourage self-service among customers. You can determine the usage and popularity of your help center at an article level with a help center dashboard that displays solution article views, feedback, and an overview of articles created, reviewed, or published.

2. Customer satisfaction dashboard


Customer satisfaction(CSAT) score is a popular metric tracked by several companies via CSAT surveys to measure how satisfied a customer is with the product, service, or support you offer. A customer satisfaction dashboard will help you view the trends in your customer satisfaction scores and survey response rates.

3. Customer experience dashboard


If your organization uses other CX metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer advocacy or Customer Effort Score (CES) to track how effortless customer interactions are, then a customer experience dashboard allows you to identify patterns and shifts in these metrics, in addition to CSAT scores.


4. Customer success dashboards


Customer success managers or account executives use various customer success dashboards to monitor and manage account health at different customer lifecycle stages for different customer tiers and segments to identify and control churn rates, improving customer retention.


Take the plunge into creating actionable customer service dashboards


Customer service dashboards are a must-have in any customer service manager’s toolkit. Configuring and visualizing the metrics that align with your support goals helps you make data-informed decisions that enhance the overall customer experience delivered by your team. Once you’ve decided what you want to measure, monitor, and manage, visualization tools like the Freshdesk analytics dashboard makes it extremely easy to bring your customer service dashboards to life.