eBook 3

Establish the Business Impact of the Right ITSM

Numbers speak louder than words. Quantify the impact a new ITSM solution will have on your business.

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    eBook 3

    How to Build a Business Case for Your IT Project


    Let’s face it: gaining executive buy in means ensuring stakeholders and decision makers understand the direct, financial impact of your recommendations.
    Pulling those pieces together, though, and putting them through the lens of your organization’s unique needs and objectives can be challenging. Until now.

    Articulate the financial impact a new ITSM solution can have on your business.

    With the strategies in this third eBook, Establish the Business Impact, you’ll stop guessing and start framing the conversation. The goal: accelerate your buying process and champion your ITSM transformation.

    By working through the details and defining the financial, productivity, and user benefits that the right solution delivers, you’ll move one step closer to a favorable—and final—buying decision.

    This eBook will show you how to:

    • Craft persuasive statements that speak to the different stakeholders involved in ITSM decision making
    • Articulate value to each decision maker, drumming up support and positive word-of-mouth as you go
    • Quantify service desk and IT improvements so you can boost your positioning and facilitate your organization’s decision-making process
    • Map the business impact of a new ITSM solution so you can show—not just tell—why this initiative is critical to success

    Better business starts with better outcomes—and, as a champion, you know the right ITSM solution will drive those improvements and efficiencies. Now it’s time to spread the word in a way that resonates with your stakeholders.

    For an overview, download the Executive Summary, check out the infographic, and read the blog.