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Looking for Omnichannel, Bots, and Self-service solutions for customer service? We've got you covered!

With Freshdesk, you can…

  • Streamline all your customer conversations in one place
  • Automate your repetitive work and save time
  • Collaborate with other teams to resolve issues faster
and much more...



Use the power of collaborative ticketing and AI to deliver the best customer experience


It takes a team to deliver great customer support


Customer support, minus the repetitive tasks

Help Widget

Help customers wherever they are

Reporting & Analytics

Make data-driven decisions to wow your customers


Safeguard your helpdesk data with Freshdesk


By Size


  • Provide enterprise support without the hassle


  • Customer support software for SMBs

By Use Case


  • Effortless support, for your team & customers


  • AI + HI = Exceptional Customer Service

Self Service

  • Help your customers help themselves

Field Service

  • Build and grow profitable field service

Remote Customer Service

  • Go Remote with Freshdesk Omnichannel

Proactive Customer Support

  • Move beyond reactive support

By Industry

Retail & E-Commerce

  • Shoppers want more than a transaction

Travel & Hospitality

  • Make every guest feel special

Software and IT

  • Engineer wow moments.


  • Be the go-to consumer brand.


  • Build relationships that last


  • The safe choice for you and your patients


  • The Help Desk for Schoolsand Universities

Support, now simplified

Conversations made easier

Unify support channels

Streamline your support channels - Email, Phone, Chat and more - so you can respond to all your customers from just one place

Manage conversations easily

Notice trends, set priorities, assign tickets to right agents, and enable faster resolutions from one place.

Collaborations made stronger

Conversations with context

Invite anyone - agents, colleagues, or external business partners - to discuss and solve tickets through Freshconnect

Share ticket ownership

Work in parallel with other teams by sharing ticket ownership, and find answers without losing visibility at any point.

Support made more automatic

Three different automations

These automations will help you eliminate repetitive tasks and keep an eye on critical events.

Manage automations easily

Automatic rule summaries, audit logs and the flexibility in using logical operators makes managing automations simple

Answers made available faster

Solutions up front and center

Guide customers to get help faster, by showing solution articles on your website.

A simple contact form

When your customers have a question, you’ll be just a click away.

Insights made more accessible

Team Dashboards

Monitor your teams easily and take data driven decisions to hit your support targets with customizable Team Dashboards

Seven Widget Types

Observe important metrics closely with seven widget types. Notice trends and drill down into extensive reports anytime with just one click.

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