Info-Tech’s IT Service Management Selection Guide

Analyst Report

Access Funding and Advance Your ITSM Solutions

Are your workarounds no longer solving your IT Ops issues? Having trouble maturing your system?

With a rapidly-evolving ITSM services culture, Ops teams are struggling to adapt and mature solutions with little funding. And since IT is often viewed as a cost center, it’s difficult to get buy-in from stakeholders. Although we know that mature ITSMs have the ability to transform business functions, how do you convince I&O leaders that modernization is worth the investment?

In this IT Service Management Selection Guide, Info-Tech experts discuss how you can build a business case and get the buy-in you need. We’ll also explore how to move beyond budget restrictions and show stakeholders how new IT operations solutions will benefit the business as a whole.

This guide will help you:

  • Identify the common obstacles creating barriers to funding
  • Analyse your IT operations needs and define use cases and requirements
  • Build a business case with clearly defined goals that engage stakeholders
  • Evaluate processes and identify opportunities to remove or improve workarounds


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