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This case study shows the improvement of service delivery after the relocation of the service form an internal provider to Pink Elephant. The case study relates to a retail customer with a very large sales force and focus. It represents the significant improvements in technical and customer service experience that Pink Elephant can effect across a diverse customer base when offered the opportunity to apply people and process knowledge.

They are one of the world’s largest technology distributors assisting companies such as HP, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft and hundreds of others to bring their products to market, underpinned by a wide range of technical and business support services.

The company certifies, trains and support its’ reseller customers, and helps configure, install and finance their purchases. Many of the hardware devices and software applications that are used in daily life have passed through the company’s logistics centers on their way to market.

The company has over 115 000 customers transacting over 50 000 times per day across 100 countries. Internally they have a staff compliment of nearly 5 000 situated in most European countries.

In 2014, this retail customer was operating an internal IT Support Service consisting of a multi-lingual team of resources based in Basingstoke, United Kingdom.

When Pink Elephant were approached to assess the opportunity to offshore this customer’s internal support services the general perception across the company was that the service was not offering value in terms of supporting the user community. Overall perception across the company was that the offering was poor.

Pink Elephant undertook a benchmarking exercise to determine the underlying facts regarding the service using a Pink Elephant best practice benchmark for support services and associated skills, business processes and technologies. The statistical starting point for the service was as follows:

The service was managing just over 10 000 contacts per month spread primarily across the handling of outstanding issues logged and a further 1 100 telephone contacts.


Average time to respond to contacts

English 25,56 Minutes
German 17,07 Minutes
French 9,34 Minutes
Dutch 5,43 minutes
Spanish 2,43 Minutes

Average calls abandoned

Average issues resolved at first contact

Issues directed to more than 4 resolver teams

Outstanding issues (backlog)
1 777

Upon being awarded the contract, Pink Elephant commenced the development of a 12-month improvement project in order to address the gaps identified by the initial benchmark assessment.

In parallel, recruitment of local management and technical resources commenced with a clearly defined mandate of finding resources that had the native language abilities required, the technical skills to resolve customer issues but most importantly, a true customer service orientation to ensure that the end to end customer experience was positive, irrespective of the assistance that could be offered.

The team was on-boarded through an intensive induction in August 2014 where Pink Elephant and the customer’s requirements were embedded followed by a further month of training on the customer’s systems in association with their internal stakeholders. All staff received comprehensive SDI training focused on customer engagement and interaction skills.

From a management perspective, a Service Manager, Team Manager and a number of Team Leaders were sourced for their previous strong service management and service turnaround experience.

The service went live in parallel with the existing internal team on 1 October 2014. The new team was structured to manage the incoming capacity from a holistic perspective as opposed to language silos and a quality assurance function implemented to identify early service gaps and address through ongoing training and mentoring interventions. Pink Elephant installed Bomgar Enterprise Remote Access technology in order to allow the team to connect and resolve issues as they arose.

RESULTS The customer’s service has to date being operational for 15 Months and continues to mature with the upcoming implementation of new service management technology and supporting process functions such as formal problem trending and business intelligence. Key results against the initial benchmark include:

Customer satisfaction
85% < Satisfied / Very Satisfied

Outstanding Issues
< 90 daily

Average time to respond to contacts

English 10 Seconds vs 25,56 Minutes German 10 Seconds vs 17,07 Minutes French 8 Seconds vs 9,34 Minutes Dutch 7 Seconds vs 5,43 minutes Spanish 15 Seconds vs 2,43 Minutes

Average calls abandoned
4% vs 21%

Average issues resolved at first contact
62% vs 21%

Next Steps
The service continues to operate within the “Customer Orientation” phase of the Improvement Project with the analysis and introduction of new technologies that empower the community to interact with the service more effectively, following the mantra of the modern day service engagement thinking of:

Be able to search like Google
Then select like Amazon
Purchase like Visa
And ship like FedEx

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