Organisations that attempt to track IT service configuration through manual efforts cannot keep up with the rapid pace of change and complexity in any environment. Firescope enables customers to populate and secure accurate, service-aware CMDB’s using an automated approach to discovery and dependency mapping of all assets in your enterprise.

We offer two Firescope solutions via our Software-as-a-Service model, allowing organizations to start realizing value at a fraction of the time when compared to traditional software models and without the need to invest in significant in-house compute resources.

FireScope Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping (SDDM)

FireScope’s SDDM is a powerful platform built with the idea that a solution should be simple to deploy, intuitive, provide a quick ROI and be a platform for multiple IT and business use cases. This product enables customers to populate and secure accurate, service-aware CMDBs using an automated approach to discovery and dependency mapping of all the assets (Configuration Items CIs) in the enterprise. Flexible, Scalable Architecture:

  • Built on a 3-tier elastic stack employing new Clustered Edge technology to scale to support the largest and most complex environments
  • Flexible deployment options with hybrid SaaS (default) hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud or for easy OnPrem deployments using turnkey, pre-installed VM’s (no software to install)
  • Flexible deployment architectures, as well as flexible licensing models, allows for tailored solutions at the greatest value
  • The fastest path to modeling application and service dependencies
  • Automated discovery of IT services and dependency mapping
  • Federation to Cherwell CMDB for accurate, easy service documentation
  • Passive network listening identifies change as they happen
  • Application dependency discovery, minus the effort

FireScope Service Performance Manager (SPM)


FireScope Service Performance Manager (SPM) Product represents a new breed of management solutions, one that leverages Big Data and cloud-related technologies to deliver unparalleled cloud-based monitoring across the entire IT stack.

Offering Enterprise scalability without the effort or high cost of traditional enterprise monitoring suites FireScope SPM is a single platform that supports numerous use cases ranging from service performance management to business and predictive analytics.

The platform is modern and easy to develop against API and gives you the flexibility to build your own management tools, making FireScope an integral part of any Service Management strategy. It allows for:

  • Enterprise IT service monitoring that has never been easier
  • Cloud-based, enterprise scale IT service monitoring
  • Big Data driven advanced IT operations and predictive analytics
  • Single view of infrastructure and end-user performance
  • Real-time dashboards for everyone from the CIO to System Engineer
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