ITSM for Government


Modern service delivery: the road to better innovation, security, collaboration, and results.

Rapidly evolving technologies and tightening budgets present new IT-related challenges for government agencies. Find the partner you need in Cherwell and gain a flexible foundation on which your government agency grow.

Transform the Citizen, Employee, and Constituent Service Experience

Create self-service portals for every kind of user and department, from unemployment to construction and utilities. Out-of-the-box (OOTB) portals enable you to deliver a catered experience at scale that help boost adoption, retention, and empower faster decision-making — with no extra cost for portal users. With knowledge base and service catalog, employees can get onboarded and offboarded faster than ever before. And with concurrent licensing, your team can provide support no matter the day or time.

Discover New Savings Through Modernization and Innovation

Government agencies have spoken, and they all consider AI, analytics, and cloud as the top three game-changing technologies for their industry.* Luckily, our cloud-based Enterprise Service Management (ESM) platform can deliver on all three. Incorporate automation and sophisticated reporting into your day-to-day processes to optimize resources and costs. Reinvest time and money saved into other strategic projects.

*Gartner, 2019 CIO Agenda: Government Insights, 2019.

Proactively Keep Government Intel Protected

The #1 area of technology investment for government agencies this year includes cybersecurity.* Keep security risks and exposure at bay with our purpose-built Information Security Management (ISM) solution. Continuous monitoring allows you to reduce exposure and anticipate any potential data breaches and outages. Automation and insights allow you to respond and resolve security threats rapidly.

*Gartner, 2019 CIO Agenda: Government Insights, 2019.

Support Consolidation and Reorganization Scalably

Our no-code platform and visual builder means you can configure workflows without help from developers, decreasing time to value and creating new efficiencies employees will smile about. Flexible integration capabilities and mergeable applications (mApps) allow you to connect with critical systems and say goodbye to disparate data. 11 built-in ITIL processes and ESM solutions enable you to expand service delivery to other groups with ease. HR? Security? Police? Fire? Emergency Services? No problem.


Self-Service Portal

Make paperwork a breeze for you and your citizens with self-service for unemployment, construction, and more users.

Workflow Automation

Implement your ideal workflows in days rather than months with our easy-to-use visual builder.

Enterprise Service Management

Extend support across your agencies with service management solutions for every group, from Facilities and Security, to Fire and Police, and more.

Security Incident Response Management

Minimize the impact of security events and incidents with automated and proven security lifecycle management.

Low-Code Development

Decrease total cost of ownership, with the ability to implement, upgrade, and customize without help from developers.

Mergeable Applications

Keep your systems up-to-date and connected with help from over 175 prebuilt Mergeable Applications (mApps).