ITSM for Managed Service Providers


Elevate Your Tiered Service Delivery

Your customers look to you to help them provide integrated and ubiquitous workplace services and increase their digital dexterity. Through serving MSPs worldwide Cherwell understands that your initiatives involve:

  • Automating manual processes
  • Supporting industry standards and best practices, such as ITIL, SOC, and ISO
  • Consolidating and integrating key systems in the service delivery value chain
  • Improving customer satisfaction and retention
  • Creating new revenue streams
  • Reducing total cost of ownership

Address these initiatives with Cherwell’s flexible and comprehensive service desk verified for eleven ITIL® processes. Our platform enables your team to build new, differentiated services, requests, and reports and automate workflows with ease – and without costly programming resources or subscription fees. 

Improve technology and tools

Are legacy, resource-heavy systems hard to use or inadequate? Replace or augment these existing tools and automate more processes with Cherwell’s easy-to-use-service platform.

Cherwell’s One-Step™Actions expedite password resets, request or change approvals, incident management, and employee onboarding. And with 100s of OOTB reports and dashboards, you can more easily configure and customize services. Plus, with Cherwell’s knowledge base you can build custom content for users across business units and clients.

Differentiate and automate services

Many MSPs are winning new customers through differentiated services, including the automation of security, HR and facilities management. However, enabling faster delivery and “flow” of these new services and releases from development to production can be challenging.

Cherwell’s Mergeable Applications (mApps) — 100+ pre-built, standardized, third-party integrations, enhancements, and solutions that extend service desk capabilities — can help you to innovate more rapidly. Plus, orchestration packs for cloud services and management solutions, also facilitate initiatives to offer tailored ITSM as-a-service. 

Optimize cost envelope

The challenge to optimize IT is never-ending and becoming increasingly complex with disparate software-licensing models and hard-to-find developer resources. Efforts are focused on evaluating license terms, avoiding subscription cost increases, using developer time wisely, and rationalizing applications.

Cherwell’s all-inclusive, concurrent licensing model allows choice among owning licenses, paying annual maintenance, or paying as you go in a subscription model. There is no charge for end user access to portals, and no reporting or analytic software required.


Low-Code Development

Decrease total cost of ownership, with the ability to implement, upgrade, and customize without help from developers.

Workflow Automation

Implement your ideal workflows in days rather than months with our easy-to-use visual builder.

Concurrent Licensing

Optimize resources and shifts with a better user to license ratio.

Amazon Web Services

Provide a personalized set of AWS cloud services and templates right from our self-service portal.

Knowledge Management

Improve usability and adoption with a library containing answers to the most frequently asked questions catered to each user.

Mergeable Applications

Keep your systems up-to-date and connected with help from over 175 prebuilt Mergeable Applications (mApps).