ITSM Handbook for Remote Workforce Enablement

Practical guidance for ensuring business continuity in uncertain times

The recent workforce disruptions have pushed IT teams to their limits as they transition to remote work—and, with it, look for ways to promote productive, efficient workflows from anywhere.

Looking ahead, how can IT keep up with increased user demands and call volumes, while proactively laying the groundwork for success in this new paradigm of remote work? This ITSM handbook unpacks the best practices and immediate next steps IT leaders can take to stay ahead of the remote work curve. Here, you'll learn:

  • Immediate steps you can take to manage the transition—from securing your network to automating key processes, to partnering with human resources on critical workflows
  • Key aspects of self-service that must be prioritized, such as new service catalog offerings, portal features, and remote access
  • How to move from simply "enabling" employees to fully "empowering" your remote workforce with knowledge, collaboration, automation, and shared services
  • Concrete guidance for building a resilient service management strategy that stands the test of time—no matter where your employees are working

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