ITSM Resolution: Don’t Overspend On Tool Features

Feb 8, 2023 | Automation, Fresh Service, Freshworks, Service Desk

Did you know through 2023, I&O leaders will overspend by $750 million* on buying unused features of ITSM tools? That’s almost $150 million more from $600 million spend in 2019.

Despite this steep increase in cost, why do so many I&O leaders continue to overbuy ITSM tools beyond their needs?

This isn’t because organizational budgets are running in excess but because most I&O leaders rely exclusively on the Magic Quadrant or ITIL-based RFP templates when selecting their ITSM tool. A close study of industry leading products alone, is not always the best template for successful ITSM tool selection. I&O leaders must dig deep into their own needs first and then evaluate how a vendor’s product would help their organization achieve its objectives.

Choosing powerful yet more complicated tools, in fact, slows down service improvements and requires increased overhead.

While planning for the future is great, when choosing add-ons to the core ITSM tool, keeping in mind potential future requirements will unnecessarily increase cost. On average, unused ITSM tool features can increase your cost by a whooping 82%.

Luckily, Gartner® has simplified the challenging task of selecting the right ITSM tool with a simple six-step buyer’s guide to help I&O leaders better assess factors such as I&O maturity, ITOM integration, licensing and vendor viability.

According to Gartner®, this guide will help leaders like you identify the key factors of an ideal ITSM tool for your business before making your purchase. Use this guide to:


  • Identify your I&O maturity level
  • Compare licensing and hosting platforms
  • Evaluate vendor strategies and long term stability
  • Critically examine popular ITSM tools
  • Pick up best practices to redesign your ITSM tool RFP
  • Finding the right ITSM tool doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. Just like how your business is unique, your ITSM tool should be too. Use these six simple steps to identify the unique ITSM tool that will work for your business and watch as your employee satisfaction, ROI and workflows improve.