Privilege Management for Windows and Mac

A preventative approach to Endpoint Security that stops malware & phishing attacks on Windows & Mac.

Elevate Applications, Not Users

Maintain security, user productivity, and IT operational efficiency by enforcing least privilege across the desktop environment

Track and Control Applications

Protect endpoints from infection by allow-listing approved applications and checking for vulnerability status

Analyze User Behavior

Analyze user behavior by collecting, storing and indexing keystroke logs, session recordings and other privileged events

Secure your Endpoints while Expanding Remote Work

BeyondTrust Privilege Management enables you to prevent malware and ransomware attacks while reducing the burden on the service desk.

Highlighted Privilege Management Features

QuickStart Templates

Flexible, out-of-the-box workstyle templates let you implement least privilege policies in days, not months - working effectively for every role and across Windows & Mac systems.

Trusted Application Protection

The pre-built templates stop attacks involving trusted applications, catching bad scripts and infected email attachments - immediately stopping trojan horses, fileless attacks, and more.

Pragmatic Application Control

Automated exception handling gives you total control over what users can install or run and puts control over applications back into the safe hands of IT.

Open Integrations Framework

Power Rules uses PowerShell scripts to automate workflows, create custom behaviors, or build integrations with ITSM and other tools because your security ecosystem is more than any one product.

Passwordless Administration

Perform administrative functions on an endpoint without the need for privileged or administrator credentials – taking away the biggest and most prized attack vector sought by threat actors.

Enterprise Auditing & Reporting

Provide a single audit trail of all user activity to streamline forensics and simplify compliance, and use graphical dashboards and reports for fast access.