King Price Chooses Pink Elephant!


The 1st of August 2019 sees the Pink Elephant meeting the “king” following a three-month transition of the King Price Service Desk environment to the Pink Elephant Global Service Centre in Woodmead, Johannesburg.

Leading with a PinkScan™ ITSM Maturity assessment, Pink and King Price developed a strategic roadmap that culminated in the transfer of the Service Desk and Problem Management functions to Pink with the intention of instilling a broader IT Service Management culture within the King Price IT division. The centralization of the service allows for a best practice-based control centre on which King Price can rely to absorb the anticipated rapid growth of the company in the years to come.

In order to underpin the improvement initiative, Pink deployed Cherwell Service Management into the environment to initially automate the Incident, Problem and Change management processes, front ended by an integrated self-service portal for King Price employees and partners that reflects the unique culture of this highly recognizable South African brand. Cherwell’s Facilities Management, PPM and HR Service Management capabilities will allow King Price to further enhance the efficiency of the various divisions within the company on a common platform and license base.

As part of the Pink Managed Service model, Specops Automated Password Reset and BeyondTrust Enterprise Remote Support were also deployed into the environment to drive an immediate reduction in calls into the desk and facilitate swifter resolution of customer issues.

Jacobus Steyn, General Manager of ICT Infrastructure at King Price said, “Our strategy to expand the business into other countries while keeping the “look and feel” of IT the same guided us to consider a global partner in Pink Elephant. The partnership also ensures that we, as IT, are able to adopt and maintain globally recognized best practices and frameworks.”

“We are very happy with the transition to date and the willingness of Pink to accommodate our requests. From a Cherwell perspective, we are looking forward to expanding the capability into our other non-IT support areas” ends Steyn.

Neil Petford, Regional Director for Pink Elephant added, “We are extremely excited to partner with another massive brand and its’ well known quirky culture on this initiative. The people of the kingdom have been a pleasure to work with on the transition to date and the platform for the move to service excellence is now well and truly in place.”


About Pink Elephant


Pink Elephant is a global leader in IT Service Management offering Managed Services, Service Automation, Consulting and Education across multiple international de-fact best practice frameworks.

The Global Service Centre offers a single-entry point for customers to transition their IT environments into ITIL® aligned, service-oriented functions offering ITSM Excellence from the Inside Out, underpinned by industry leading technologies and the knowledge and experience of the ITIL® Experts 


About Cherwell


Modern workplaces are dependent on technology, data and processes – workers need access to information and support to do their jobs. As the number of systems has grown and the ability to connect them has become more complex, services become fragmented, resulting in failed service experiences.

Cherwell empowers organizations to improve service experiences and automate workflows using data that stretches across contexts and business units. The result is meaningful and measurable digital service transformation, delivered faster. 

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