Leading Organisational Transformation

Feb 8, 2023 | Business Portfolio, IT Management & Governance, ITIL Service Management


Winston Churchill once said, “There is nothing wrong in change if it is in the right direction.”

Whether people perceive change as heading in the right direction or not, most fear change. How many times have you tried to introduce a new way of doing an ordinary business activity and been asked: “Why can’t we keep doing it as we’ve always done it?” Unfortunately, resistance to change is alive and well. Yet, history has shown that in order for organisations to survive in today’s competitive landscape, only those who effectively prepare for their change initiatives and gain employee commitment to embrace change will thrive. Deep, lasting change in an organisation requires an integrated organisational transformation approach that remodels an organisation’s social systems.

With Pink Elephant, we provide organisations with a framework that can help organisations avoid the most common mistakes that affect change efforts. By partnering with Pink Elephant, our expert consultants will provide a clear direction to management on the business case about organisational transformation and change. We provide principles, approaches and define roles relating to the change management initiatives. We also provide essential information, tools, guidance and a framework to sustaining change to enable your organisation to keep moving in the right direction.

Our experts help organisations answer below questions:

  • How do you implement change?
  • How do you sustain change?
  • How do you integrate change into the organisation and embed it in the organisation’s culture?
  • How do you keep it from being just any other initiative that flames out?

Mechanism categorisations are as below:

  • Metrics– which describe what the culture values and makes clear what people will be held accountable for.
  • Processes– Which change how work is done and thus integrate the new culture into the organisation.
  • Programs– which generate support for and provide the first demonstration of the effectiveness of the new culture.
  • Structures– which provide a framework for the new culture to grow, often by changing where and how decisions are made.

Pink Elephant’s Organisational Transformation Approach

Step 1 – Change & The individual

To effectively manage organisational change, insights into the people side and the human response to change are critical. People are at the heart of change and must be fully engaged to have a successful outcome.

Step 2 – Change & The Organisation

To effectively manage organisational change, it is important to understand how people think about organisations, the metaphors they hold in their heads and the different perspectives and biases that are likely to impact change initiatives.

Step 3 – Communication & Stakeholder Engagement

Effective stakeholder engagement is key to an effective change. Effective organisational change management is leading through influence.

Step 4 – Change Management Practice

Managing change effectively is an important risk management strategy. Assessing the impact of change and being able to identify key inputs to change impacts and a stakeholder impact assessment is vital to success.