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A service desk that
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service desks come at a heavy price

You shouldn’t have to navigate the growing costs of time and money to rehabilitate inefficient, reactive service desks and degraded IT processes. Pull the plug on underperformance with Pink Elephant – the IT service desk partner with a plan.

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Consistent lack of skills and staff retention issues

Escalating stress and feeling “stuck” with inferior technology

Customer-facing chaos that cripples service delivery

Impaired ability to grow your business due to poor IT infrastructure and processes

Re-imagine your service desk success with people, processes & technology

Fast-track your IT department’s future with a Pink Elephant Managed IT Service Desk – the all-in-one solution that puts enthusiastic, experienced people at the helm of globally-tested ITSM processes and infrastructures.



Recruit from the Pink Elephant talent pool, for individuals with infectious positivity and years of expertise. No fixed costs. No more recruitment fees

Rigorous induction

Your business, powered by staff who are fully trained in ITISM best practice processes and SDI Service Desk Analyst certifications.

Best practices

ITISM best practice processes and procedures deployed by the leaders in IT Management.


Maintain control and manage costs through detailed monthly reporting, aligned with your pre-agreed service level agreement.


Deploy time-proven processes and people across state-of-the-art IT infrastructure that puts customer service at the heart of operations.


Protect your most critical assets from cyber threats through robust IT systems and security procedures.

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Why Choose Pink

Re-define your IT Service Desk Management with the company that wrote the book on it

Pink Elephant is a world pioneer in IT service management and a leading authority of managed IT service desks. Backed by over four decades of experience, we know how to transform your out-of-control IT departments into champions of customer service excellence.

The Pink Plan

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Custom journey plan

We assess where you’re at and where you need to be, and design a solution that’s just right for your business.


We guide the transition to your new, powerful and compliant IT service management environment.

Take back control

Kick back and enjoy the feeling you’ll get when your department becomes the hero.

Schedule your free discovery call and MiniScan Process Assessment

Take Back Control

Transform your IT service desk into the hero of the company

Pink Elephant’s flexible managed IT support solutions gives you the freedom to custom-create the IT service desk and operating team that’s just right for your business. Cut recruitment costs, build tailored service desk platforms and monitor performance through monthly reporting.

Appoint highly-qualified, awesome people to manage streamlined processes that are facilitated by state-of-the-art, secure technology.


No more blind decisions – implement ready-to-use systems that provide real-time data about your IT service desk performance.


Leave the nitty gritty in our hands, and focus on leading your team of heroes to outstanding customer service delivery, every day.

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Frequently asked questions about Managed IT

What are managed IT services?
Managed IT services refer to businesses outsourcing their IT operations to third-party service providers, known as Managed Services Providers (MSPs). These MSPs are responsible for the entirety or portions of a business’s IT systems, as agreed upon in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Why do you need managed IT services?
Managed IT services provide several benefits such as cost efficiency, improved focus on core business operations, accessibility to specialised expertise, and advanced technology. They also help minimise downtime and mitigate cybersecurity threats.
What is IT service management (ITSM)?
ITSM is a strategic approach toward designing, delivering, managing, and enhancing the way businesses use IT. ITSM aims to ensure that IT services align with business goals.
What are managed IT services?
IT managed services are a broad range of services provided by MSPs. These services typically include network administration, cybersecurity measures, data backup and recovery, and IT consulting services.
What services are commonly outsourced in IT?
Commonly outsourced IT services include software and application development, web development and hosting, technical support, database management and administration, telecommunications, and infrastructure.