Not Even Superheroes Have the Power to Stay Off of Breached Password Lists

Feb 8, 2023 | Automation, Password Auditor, Password Policy, Specops

Batman or Spiderman? Superman or Thor? Flash or Falcon? The infatuation with and intense debate over Marvel and DC superhero and villain supremacy among comic book aficionados is a year-round musing, but always intensifies during the months when the latest movie hits the big screen.

In conjunction with the new Loki (Marvel) series now streaming on Disney Plus, and with the forthcoming premiers of Black Widow (Marvel) and The Suicide Squad (DC), Specops analyzed the top Marvel and DC comic book characters to appear on breached password lists. This research comes just a few weeks after they revealed the top Star Wars themed breached passwords on May the 4th.

According to our new research, which analyzed more than 800 million breached passwords, a subset of the more than two billion breached passwords in Specops Breached Password Protection, ‘Loki’ (Marvel) took the top spot, appearing on breached password lists more than 151,000 times. ‘Thor’(Marvel), which appears almost 148,000 times and ‘Robin’, which shows up over 127,000 times round out the top three.



  1. Loki – Marvel
  2. Thor – Marvel
  3. Robin -DC
  4. Joker – DC
  5. Flash – DC
  6. Batman – DC
  7. Superman – DC
  8. Vision – Marvel
  9. Falcon – Marvel
  10. Penguin – DC
  11. Hulk – Marvel
  12. Wanda – Marvel
  13. Venom – Marvel
  14. Spiderman – Marvel
  15. Ironman – Marvel
  16. Katana – DC
  17. Hydra – Marvel
  18. Wolverine – Marvel
  19. Gambit – Marvel
  20. Punisher – Marvel
  21. Hawkeye – Marvel
  22. Groot – Marvel
  23. AntMan – Marvel
  24. Deadpool – Marvel
  25. Thanos – Marvel
  26. Catwoman – DC
  27. Magneto – Marvel
  28. Riddler – DC
  29. Cyclops – Marvel
  30. Avengers – Marvel
  31. Mystique – Marvel
  32. WonderWoman – DC
  33. Aquaman – DC
  34. BlackWidow – Marvel
  35. Gamora – Marvel
  36. TwoFace – DC
  37. Nightcrawler – Marvel
  38. BlackPanther – Marvel
  39. GreenLantern – DC

In total, the top 80 Marvel and DC characters appear on breached password lists more than 1.1 million times.




Poor password hygiene continues to be one of the primary root causes of cyberattacks. In fact, passwords that show up on breached password lists leave enterprise email, apps, servers, and devices vulnerable to the unauthorized access needed to initiate a cyberattack.

To remain secure, companies must implement robust password policies that address weak and compromised passwords, like those that are known to be breached. Specops Password Policy  integrates password best practices and guidelines from NIST or CMMC and makes it easier for IT admins to enforce stronger passwords and block weak passwords that appear on breached password lists.

Fan appreciation of both Marvel and DC characters, and the debate over which universe is the superior comic book world, will live on for a long time to come. But no matter how big of a fan you are, now is the time to update your password should you be using any of the characters found within breached password lists.

You can also find out if breached passwords like these are being used in your organization’s Active Directory environment with a free read-only scan by Specops Password Auditor