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  • Are your people playing an effective role in your cyber resilience?


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Are your people playing an effective role in your cyber resilience?

Cyber attacks are now ‘business as usual’ for organisations around the world

Organisations have typically trusted in technology to protect them from the financial and reputational losses that can result from a cyber-attack, the impacts of which can take many months, if not years, to repair.

The increasing success of cyber attackers shows that technology – while important – does not provide a ‘silver bullet’. Organisations need to recognise the importance of the ‘human factor’ in protecting their most precious information assets and systems. That means their own employees represent both their most effective security control and, potentially, their greatest vulnerability to attack.

Cyber criminals prey on human vulnerability to breach organisational systems and networks, for example by tempting people to open an email attachment or click a link. 90% of successful cyber attacks have required the help of an innocent person. The natural human responses we all make – to be helpful or curious – can be the beginning of a corporate disaster.
That is why it’s imperative to know whether your staff – all of them – are capable of recognising, responding to and recovering from a cyber-attack. Cyber awareness learning and training is central to minimising the risks to information security.

That’s what 99% of IT security training decision makers told us in research carried out by Ipsos MORI.

Click Here to view the AXELOS help guide. This guide helps you ask the right questions about your existing information security training and learning strategies – and start your organisation’s journey to
greater cyber resilience.

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