Remote Support Checklist and Buyer's Guide

How to Evaluate Remote Support Products, with Checklist

For technical support teams within mid-to-large enterprise organizations, choosing the right remote support software is pivotal to the productivity and security of your service desk. Get on the right path by downloading your copy of the Remote Support Buyer’s Guide and Checklist. You'll discover:

  • The factors shaping the evolution of the service desk, and why it matters
  • The essential remote support capabilities to prioritize across six areas – Platform Support;
  • Collaboration; Integrations; Security, Auditing, & Compliance; Branding & Customization; Deployment Options.
  • How consolidating to one remote support tool enterprise-wide will enable you to realize time-savings, security, auditing, cost-savings, and other benefits.
  • How the depth and breadth of core remote support capabilities, seamless interoperability with other service desk tools, and unparalleled remote access security capabilities sets the BeyondTrust solution apart from the competition
  • This guide also includes a 10-page Remote Support Buyer's Guide template to help you identify your needs and make comparisons between BeyondTrust Remote Support and other vendors.


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