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Roelien’s Journey in Becoming an ITIL® Expert


Roelien started working within the Change Management environment in 2007 as a Change Management Process coordinator and in 2010 she attended the ITIL® Foundation course.


“When I attended the ITIL Foundation training, the trainer said to the class that this is the first step in becoming an ITIL expert. Just the Foundation was overwhelming to me and I told myself then that I never want to become an ITIL expert.” Laughs Roelien.


Still not convinced that the ITIL expert route was for her, she enrolled on to her first ITIL Intermediate Capability course at the end of 2010, with her first intermediate course being Release, Control & Validation. As she continued working and building her career, she started interacting with some of the other ITIL processes.


“When you work in only one of the processes you tend to have tunnel vision by only focusing on that one process.” Explains Roelein


She began to realise how important it was to understand the bigger picture, the entire service lifecycle, and how all the processes integrate to enable better alignment of and delivery of services to the business and customer.


Excited by this realisation, Roelien decided to become an ITIL expert and embarked on her journey to attain the 22 or more credits required to gain the ITIL Expert certification. In doing so she boosted her career, maturity and out of the box thinking.


“It opened a whole new level of thinking for me,” says Roelien.


Her, now more in depth knowledge of all of the processes in the ITIL service lifecycle and their integration, will enable her to identify the process gaps within her own organisation and assist in the improvement plans. This in turn will also benefit the clients of her organisation where implementation and improvement of mature ITIL processes within her organisation enables better, more aligned services to her organisation’s client. Her organisation is currently on an average ITIL maturity rating of 4.25 across 17 processes according to the Pink Scan assessment that was carried out by Pink Elephant.


Roelien highly recommends becoming an ITIL expert.


“Don’t give up. If you fail, get up and try again. It will not only benefit your personal growth but give your organisation the competitive edge it needs to compete and offer good quality service(s)”.


Roelien Hanekom

Supervisor: Change Management

Business Connexion

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