Service Desk Cost Analysis Tool

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What type of support do you require?
Do you run extended hours? (Weekends)
Would you require an On-Premise (Your Offices) or Off-Premise (Pink Elephant) Service Desk?
Do you require a Dedicated or a Shared Service Desk? (Our shared service desk option is only offered off-premises at Pink Elephant)
What level of support would you require?
How many tickets on average does your current service desk handle per month?
Based on your expected ticket volumes, what would the ratio be between ‘Catch & Dispatch’ versus ‘1st Level Support’? We find that this ratio is typically around 60/40 in favour of ‘Catch & Dispatch’.
Would you like a First Call Resolution above 60%? (Service Desk Agent’s ability to resolve a problem, during the first call, with no follow-up required)
What are your peak times?

In which countries do these peak times apply?
Please list countries separated by commas
Please indicate your time zone for support hours
Please Note: Pink Elephant is based in South Africa (GMT+2)
Which sources do you require for raising requests?
Do you require your Service Desk to communicate in various languages or just English?
How many offices do you have globally that will require support?
Do you have any Service Desk processes currently running?
Do you have a preferred ITSM tool?
Do you offer remote support and if so, do you have a tool to do so?
Do you have a telephony solution in place with a dedicated number?

Please note that the response from this questionnaire is not automated. After submission please expect a response from our Sales Team within 3-5 working days to discuss your results.