Southern Sun’s ITSM – Revolutionising Hospitality

Oct 26, 2023 | Consulting

Southern Sun, a prominent name in the hospitality industry, embarked on a transformative journey to modernise its IT operations and infrastructure. This case study delves into Southern Sun’s strategic decision to revamp its existing IT environment and how it partnered with Pink Elephant, a renowned IT service management consultancy, to achieve its goals. The case study illustrates the challenges faced, the vision for the future, the implemented solutions, and the outlook for Southern Sun’s IT landscape.

Key aspects of Southern Sun’s profile include:

  • Global Presence: Southern Sun operates in multiple countries, making it a recognized brand on a global scale. Its international reach allows it to serve travellers from various regions and backgrounds.
  • Commitment to Quality: The brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality services, including exceptional dining experiences and top-notch amenities, has been a cornerstone of its success.
  • Innovation and Adaptability: Southern Sun has consistently adapted to changing market dynamics and guest preferences, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and staying ahead of industry trends.

The Challenges Faced

Southern Sun faced several challenges in its IT landscape. One of the primary issues was the limited integration capabilities of their existing systems. This limitation hindered their ability to streamline processes, share critical information across departments, and efficiently manage vendors.

Southern Sun confronted a series of challenges within its existing IT landscape:

  • Limited Integration Capabilities: The IT systems in place at the time lacked the flexibility required for seamless integration with other systems.
  • Outdated ITSM Software: Southern Sun’s incumbent ITSM software was outdated and no longer met the demands of a dynamic business environment. This antiquated software led to operational inefficiencies and acted as an impediment to the company’s growth.
  • Vendor Management: Managing vendors and optimising costs associated with them presented significant difficulties for Southern Sun. There was a pressing need to enhance vendor management practices to drive cost efficiencies and negotiate favourable contracts.

The Solution: The Pink Elephant and Servicely Collaboration

After careful consideration, Southern Sun decided to implement Servicely, a comprehensive ITSM solution. The decision to choose Servicely was driven by several factors:

  • Future Automation with Servicely: Servicely empowers Southern Sun to automate processes, driving operational efficiency and setting the stage for further enhancements.
  • Enhanced Collaboration with Servicely: The improved collaboration among IT teams within Southern Sun fosters better communication, knowledge sharing, and, ultimately, more effective problem-solving, all facilitated by Servicely.
  • Vendor Management with Servicely: Streamlined vendor management processes continue to yield cost optimizations and enhance vendor relationships, further contributing to Southern Sun’s bottom line, thanks to Servicely.


The implementation of Servicely at Southern Sun began with a thorough assessment of their current workflows and IT processes. The implementation team, led by Pink Elephant, worked closely with Southern Sun’s IT department to ensure a smooth transition.

Key aspects of the implementation included:

  • Implementation: The initial phase focused on deploying the Servicely platform and configuring it to meet Southern Sun’s specific requirements. This phase aimed to ensure that the solution aligned with the organisation’s ITSM goals.
  • Integration: After the successful implementation, the integration phase followed. This involved connecting Servicely with other systems and applications within Southern Sun’s IT ecosystem. The goal was to create a unified and efficient IT environment.

Looking Ahead: Poised for Success

With Servicely successfully implemented, Southern Sun is poised for a more streamlined and efficient IT operation. They are well-equipped to manage their vendors effectively, optimise costs, and foster enhanced collaboration among their teams. As they continue to explore Servicely’s capabilities and potential for automation, they are confident in their ability to adapt to future challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

Sebastian Chetty, IT Central Service Delivery Manager, remarks that the implementation journey has resulted in the modernization of IT operations and a foundation for future success, following a challenging but fulfilling path.