The IT agenda for 2022

Feb 8, 2023 | Automation, Fresh Service, Freshworks, Service Desk



The Hackett Group’s 2022 Key Issues Study reveals technology’s top 10 priority objectives to help businesses plan their goals and tech investments to accelerate digital transformation in 2022.

2022 will be a year of experimentation and tech adoption for IT leaders and their technology organizations, driven by the pandemic-induced “work from anywhere” models and high penetration of cloud-based applications.

To gain visibility into the growing shift in the tech landscape, IT leaders need foresight into which technologies will pay off and which will disband in 2022.


Remote work is here to stay


According to the Hackett study, technology leaders see “as a service” infrastructure and work-from-anywhere models as the most likely disruption coming within 3-5 years, and the majority are already executing their plans to meet these challenges.

Compared to 2021 predictions that 59% of technology staff would be remote or hybrid after the pandemic, 73% of the team is expected to be virtual by the end of 2022. Also, 15% more are currently virtual compared to the same time in 2020.


Critical initiatives on technology’s 2022 agenda


The Hackett study revealed that cybersecurity, talent, automation, as-a-service infrastructure, and digital workforce initiatives rated as the most critical on the agenda. 82% of technology leaders cited deployment/improvement of cybersecurity capabilities as the top technology function initiative in 2022.


Technology adoption and outcomes


Cloud-based applications show the highest penetration, surpassing legacy systems for the first time, and the expected growth rate for cloud is also the highest. Tools for the remote/hybrid workforce have been deployed at scale for most companies and have performed exceedingly well. The study also predicts a 30% growth projection in tech organizations adopting cloud-based core application suites in 2022.


Enterprise digital transformation is a key focus


Enterprise digital transformation remains the most prevalent major enterprise initiative in 2022. 61% of companies have a major enterprise digital transformation program on the agenda, closely followed by diversity and inclusion programs at 58%.


Recommendations to tackle key IT issues in 2022


Technology organizations must allocate increased resources strategically and manage demand and capacity prudently.

The short-term threats of inflation, cost fluctuation, and supply-chain disruption require technology leaders to prepare for cost pressures and act strategically with budgets.

IT leaders must continue the shift to streamline and automate business processes end-to-end, enabling user self-service and AI-based autonomous robotics and intelligent assistants.

The Hackett Group’s 2022 Key Issues Study reveals a slate of IT priorities that add to an aggressive and accelerated transformation agenda for 2022. If you’re looking for more insights into the top technology objectives, download the report today to plan your strategic priorities and respond to disruptive technology challenges.