The King Price IT Service Desk – Underpinning Customer Experience.

Feb 8, 2023 | ITIL Service Management, Service Desk

The King Price IT Service Desk – Underpinning Customer Experience.

Today’s modern business is delivered on a platform of increasingly sophisticated technology powering operations across the organisation and usually resulting in an intimate interface with the customer that allows for the participation in the fulfilment of the service required and delivered.

These days, time constrained customers’ demand this participation whether shopping for groceries or even buying their next property and in so doing are less prepared to spend time waiting for phone calls to be answered or salesman to arrive for an appointment, preferring rather to undertake their research and ultimate transaction at their convenience.

Moving along this journey with a business, the customer experiences the organisation’s marketing and social media communications in developing their personal opinion of what it is like to work with the company and in conjunction with factors such as price, quality, expertise and reputation thus forming a picture of a company they “like” and developing a loyal bond that may exist for many years. This is the King Price brand.

In a business to business context, having partners and vendors that deliver positive experiences to a company allows this to translate into positive experiences for their customers underpinning the technical platform as outlined above. This, in essence, is the role of the Pink Elephant Service Desk at King Price.

While there are many teams within an organisation’s IT division, most are specialists and focus on their particular area of expertise. The Service Desk, however, resides at the centre of this system, coordinating a multitude of services that when linked together, deliver the view that the customer experiences.

The Service Desk is the control point for consistent, repeatable, best practice process that ensures that all traffic flowing through adheres to one “way of work” allowing for the swift restoration of any element of service in the event of an outage.

The Service Desk is skilled to address a majority of incidents almost immediately which may range from the restoration of access to a critical system that operates behind the external website, to repairing a printer allowing for a contract to be prepared or even ensuring door access systems are operational, allowing staff to go about their business uninterrupted.

For times when multiple IT services are affected, the Service Desk is the first responder and facilitates the communication and ultimate resolution across the various specialist teams, whilst keeping the affected customers informed.

And as with the business customer, Internal customers are supported in fulfilling their own requirements through the provision of self-service technologies that are able to automatically order or restore services that allow them to continue to deliver the experience demanded of their loyal customer base seamlessly.

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