Turn offboarding woes into wows using Freshservice

Feb 8, 2023 | Automation, Fresh Service, Freshworks, Training



An employee’s last day at work is almost as significant as their first one. It commemorates all the learnings, experiences, and memories they have gathered during their journey in a company. Imagine on a day like that, when you are full of nostalgia and maybe relief (wink wink), having an offboarding process that has you running around the office like Jerry can be such a mood kill.

On the other hand, if you are part of the offboarding team, having a chaotic offboarding process can make you feel like you are on a DEAD line.

We at Freshservice enable you to delight your exiting employees by assisting you using the Offboarding bundle.

A hidden gem in our extensive repertoire, you can achieve the following by putting it to good use:


One-Stop-Shop for all offboarding needs


A typical offboarding process can have many steps involved that are unique to your organization. The problem arises when streamlining the process involves emails, documents, sheets, etc. It can get all over the place.

Having a system that can bring multiple elements together can make your life easier. Freshservice lets you do just that.

What’s more, you can easily customize the offboarding bundle to suit your company’s procedures and processes.

Go to Admin> Service Catalog> Employee Offboarding to access the offboarding bundle. Customize the offboarding form by dragging and dropping fields as per your requirements.


oboarding recording of screen

Make the process appropriately flexible


Right when you thought everything is streamlined, you realize that different departments can have different offboarding needs. Not to worry, we can take care of that too.

You can modify the additional service items that the requester can choose from while raising a request. A good idea would be to list down all possible pieces of work that need to be accomplished during the process. For example, look at the additional items listed below:


offbording screenshot

Bring together different teams


Offboarding is not a one-person job. It’s not a one-team job either. You need to bring multiple teams together to get this job done.

The offboarding bundle allows you to create child service requests for every additional item that the requester chooses. In this way, every child service request can be assigned to the relevant team to fulfill. You can achieve this by turning on the “Create Child Service Requests for each of the items above” checkbox.


custom fields screenshot



Save time, let the software handle things


Here is where you can get creative and automate the parts of the process that are a no-brainer — for instance, allocating the child service requests to individual departments. You can efficiently perform this task using the workflow automator.


Level up using orchestration center


Freshservice’s orchestration center allows you to integrate and use various services from the most popular applications relevant to your business. You can use DocuSign to generate a Work Experience Certificate for the offboarding employee. Or you can set up a Zoom call for the employee’s exit interview. Or you can automatically deactivate users from your Active Directory when they are leaving the organization. With new apps being added regularly to the orchestration center, the possibilities are endless.


Make sure the assets don’t become a liability


Recovering assets and revoking access might be the most painful task, especially for IT. We have just the thing to help you. The Asset Management and Saas Management module of Freshservice empowers you with the tools that can help you keep track of the IT assets and software that your employees are using. Here is what you can do:

  • Use the Discovery Agent to know the software installed on your employee’s systems.
  • Use the SaaS management module to see what SaaS software the employee has access to
  • Get all the information in one place under employee’s contact (Admin> Requester or Admin> Agent).

Now you can go to the employee’s contact and revoke the access to softwares and at the same time when they return the asset (like their laptop), you can add it to the inventory.

profile sccreenshot

Freshservice makes it easy for you to bid them goodbye, without the pain or the tears (only the bad ones).