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Take back control of your IT service management

Take back control of your IT Service Management and don’t let a disconnect between operations and IT create chaos. Get the right people, seamless tech integration and real-time insights for IT powered business success.

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Build savvy, qualified
service desk teams

Make accurate decisions
using real-time data

Cut IT costs and exceed
business targets

We’ve Seen It All

We know how to fix your IT service management problems

Ineffective IT service delivery solutions with process deterioration are time-consuming and costly. And while you’re fighting fires, the business is losing money and its good reputation. We’ve encountered it all.

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Persistent stress over potential IT failures or
security breaches

Ongoing risk of falling behind on technology and
best practices

Lack of skills and high staff turnover on your
Service Desk

Feeling blinded by minimal-to-zero reporting on
IT performance

People + Processes + Technology

Custom IT solutions
designed to global benchmarks

It’s time to mitigate unnecessary costs and optimise growth. We do this by connecting qualified, awesome people to state-of-the-art technology, guided by sound, measurable business processes. This is how Pink Elephant takes outof-control IT departments from chaos to calm.

Managed IT Support

Get your own Pink Elephant Service Desk – the we-do-it-all-for-you solution for fast, nohassle results.


Technology solutions that improve service delivery, reduce IT costs and downtime losses.


Access our knowledge of best practice and global experience in IT service management by appointing a Pink consultant to your team


Transform your IT people personnel into the professionals you need with a wide range of globally-recognised training modules.

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Why Choose Pink

Partner with a global company that
witnessed the dawn of IT service management

Pink Elephant is one of the world’s first IT service management companies. This means that when you go Pink, you receive more than 40 years of expertise from the industry-leading consultancy and service provider that literally wrote the book.

We host the world’s biggest ITSM conference in Las Vegas, annually.

We helped Telkom to achieve the continent’s first ISO20000 certification

We literally wrote the book(s) on IT Service Management

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The Pink Plan

Let Pink take it from here

Discovery call

Book a free professional consultation, including a MiniScan Process Assessment.

Custom journey plan

We assess where you’re at and where you need to be, and design a solution that’s just right for your business.


We guide the transition to your new, powerful and compliant IT service management environment.

Take back control

Kick back and enjoy the feeling you’ll get when your department becomes the hero.

Schedule your free discovery call and MiniScan Process Assessment

Take Back Control

Transform your IT service desk into the hero of the company

Pink Elephant’s flexible managed IT support solutions gives you the freedom to custom-create the IT service desk and operating team that’s just right for your business. Cut recruitment costs, build tailored service desk platforms and monitor performance through monthly reporting.

Appoint highly-qualified, awesome people to manage streamlined processes that are facilitated by state-of-the-art, secure technology.


No more blind decisions – implement ready-to-use systems that provide real-time data about your IT service desk performance.


Leave the nitty gritty in our hands, and focus on leading your team of heroes to outstanding customer service delivery, every day.

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