IT Consulting

Excellence through strategic guidance

Partner with Pink Elephant’s IT consulting experts to receive tailored advice and solutions for complex IT Management demands. Our strategic approach delivers a comprehensive and methodical approach for IT Management requirements.

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Resolve and respond
to issues faster

Increase visibility and improve perceptions of IT in your organisation

Deliver measurable success, seamlessly

Precise and powerful IT service management solutions

Pink applies tried-and-tested methods used across multiple industries to develop an agile framework that supports fast, tangible outcomes. We adopt a full life cycle approach to IT consulting services, including assessments, planning, implementation, and improvement.

Our experienced consultants are trained to adapt, adopt and combine ITSM and Governance best practices and frameworks to fit your company’s unique situation. Through hand-held coaching and guidance, we transfer the necessary knowledge and skills to you and your team.

Tailored solutions that can be adapted when the business needs change

Impeccable expertise from the company that wrote the book(s) on ITSM

Over 40 years of international experience in global best practices in ITSM and Governance

Precise data reporting on ITSM and governance performance

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Make your IT visible again

Pink Elephant applies a holistic approach to IT consulting that considers four essential pillars, namely: People, Processes, Technology and Products, and Partners. That’s why Pink’s full-service IT service management and governance solutions are precise, timeless, and powerful.


Understand how the basic principles of IT process improvement apply to your business by conducting a do-it-yourself or consultant-guided PinkSCAN IT ” Maturity Assessment and gather time-proven recommendations to fit your resources. We assess ITSM Processes, IT Governance (COBIT2019) and your Service Desk.


We’ve designed PinkSELECT to take the overwhelm out of choosing an IT service management tool for your organisation. We help you consider all the tools compatible with specific ITSM processes, and your organisation’s unique goals, using a DIY or consultant-guided evaluation and assessment. We’ll even help you with your RFP!


There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. PinkATLAS offers you access to over 40 years of expertise, templates, policies and professional guidance to kickstart your IT process improvement efforts – including change management, IT governance and leadership, project management plans, and more.

Readiness Assessments

Measure quality and identify compliance gaps in both ISO/IEC 20000-1 and 27000-1 standards with Pink’s readiness assessments. We conduct an assessment prior to your audit, providing you with a plan of action to be taken before engaging your preferred external auditor.

Curated Process Consulting

Pink offers “true consulting” that leverages our industry experience and training to improve your unique process requirements. We also answer your difficult questions through curated workshops with your key stakeholders.

Project Management

We consider your unique environment and align our recommended structure, tools and processes with your goals and resources. We’ll provide your team with an actionable plan for moving towards your goals while also providing consistent, hands-on support every step of the way.

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Reach your potential through business guided by exemplary IT

We know how daunting it is to take the leap into improving or implementing something as complex as IT Governance or IT Service Management processes. We also know that your organisation’s success depends on best practices in ITSM, capability to respond to business operations swiftly, and getting things right the first time. There’s simply too much at stake to risk using underpowered or incompatible systems.

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High levels of stress across all departments

Inaccurate reporting data to quantify success or failure within IT
Low availability of business-critical services
Wasted time and resources on failed projects and crisis management

A more holistic approach to consulting

Pink Elephant excels at providing successful, outcome-focused consulting services from concept to completion, whether you need strategic planning, unbiased assessments, objective analysis, design guidance, implementation assistance or simply a vision of what could be.
Executive Roadmap

Pink Elephant will facilitate workshops with your senior leadership team to provide an executive-level overview of the people, process, tool, and partner elements of your programme.

Visioning and Strategy
We help to identify your key programme drivers, develop specific goals and draft a report on your organisation’s vision and strategy, while delicately guiding all levels of the organisation through major and minor transformations.
Your Pink IT Consulting expert will conduct maturity assessments, industry benchmark comparisons, cultural analysis, gap analysis and make detailed recommendations for your organisation’s next steps.
Roadmap Planning
We help you to move your initiatives forward through actionable process implementation, communication, training, organisational change management and governance plans.
Rapid Process Design

We leverage the wealth of PinkATLAS™ to host intensive workshops that help to design key processes, optimised for your unique business.

Implementation Guidance and Assistance
Pink Elephant’s team of IT consulting experts are passionate about helping clients to deliver successful organisational change. We achieve this through in-depth understanding of how people behave and how they interact with technology and processes.

Perfect IT with Pink

Schedule a discovery call

We help you understand your challenges.

We’ll customise your journey plan

We plot a course for your success through a detailed roadmap.

We implement your plan

We guide the transition through hands-on implementation and coaching.

Take back control

You enjoy the measurable success that comes with flawlessly applied ITSM and governance.

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Take Back Control

Transform your IT service desk into the hero of the company

Pink Elephant’s flexible managed IT support solutions gives you the freedom to custom-create the IT service desk and operating team that’s just right for your business. Cut recruitment costs, build tailored service desk platforms and monitor performance through monthly reporting.

Appoint highly-qualified, awesome people to manage streamlined processes that are facilitated by state-of-the-art, secure technology.


No more blind decisions – implement ready-to-use systems that provide real-time data about your IT service desk performance.


Leave the nitty gritty in our hands, and focus on leading your team of heroes to outstanding customer service delivery, every day.

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Frequently asked questions about IT Consulting

What do IT consulting companies do?
IT consulting companies offer services such as analysing and diagnosing IT infrastructure, planning and implementing technology solutions, and providing ongoing maintenance and management.
Why should I outsource IT consulting services?
By outsourcing IT consulting services, you get access to skilled professionals who can provide innovative solutions and keep your IT systems up-to-date.
What industries can IT consulting companies support?
IT consulting companies can support a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, and more.
Can IT consulting companies help with digital transformation?
Yes, IT consulting companies are often instrumental in planning and implementing digital transformation strategies for businesses.